RODI is a leading SME

RODI was once again distinguished as a leading SME. The company has been achieved this status for almost 2 consecutive decades.   This award, attributed by “IAPMEI”, Portugal’s Tourism and several financial institutions,  aims to … Continued

Sustainability Report 2018-2019

This report, prepared at RODI’s own initiative, aims to establish a baseline for the assessment of its organizational performance, taking into account the pillars for its sustainable development. The document is based on the 2018/2019 biennium and … Continued

Temporary closure

The current restrictions and uncertainty due to the Covid-19 are affecting communities, clients and suppliers all around the world. On the recent days Rodi has been receiving several contacts to postpone the clients orders, due … Continued

President of Novo Banco visits RODI

On October 24, RODI-Sinks & Ideas, S.A. had the privilege to receive a delegation from Novo Banco led by its President Dr. António Ramalho, who traveled to Aveiro to visit the two factories of the … Continued


RODI will be attending the Eurobike event in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The event, a reference at an international level for cycling lovers and professionals, will take place between 4 and 7 of September 2019. In this … Continued

Holidays RODI

RODI will be closed from 12 to 30 of August 2019. We will be back to work on September 2nd 2019.

5 bicycle competitions for the toughest

We know that the competitions are all challenging, but the ones involving wheels and rims are the best, right? Discover the 5 competitions for the toughest bike lovers out there, as they are on the … Continued

7 survival tips for pedaling the rain

We know that you’ve been pedaling your bike all summer, but it’s time to change your registration and the sun won’t be as present as it has been.

Are MTB and City biking such opposite worlds?

When your true love is to bike, the wheels, the rims, even the frame… becomes difficult to choose which model is your favorite, and even if you have “your modality” you don’t need to train only in this type of circuit.

The importance of an insurance for your bike

Cycling is becoming more frequent, for leisure or as a form of training, and you are the living proof of this.